Ideadvise, Ideapproach, Ideactivate…
here, to create is an action verb.

At IDÉEALISTE. THE AGENCY we know that to make the perfect omelette, we need to break some eggs. To mix well, to season well, to present well, and more. We will not hesitate to ask the right questions, to shake up ideas we receive, to set records straight – with both respect and friendly cooperation. We do not claim to always be right. We work in a close partnership with every client: open-mindedness, availability and generosity have been our trademarks since 2002.

Brand identity

Our agency creates, updates your logo, your corporate signature, its brand identity, its… unique history. Your logo is the heart and the center of attraction for all graphical activity. We flirt with ideas. Here at IDÉEALISTE, we imagine a graphic world and a visual identity that match you perfectly. We always seek coherency and distinctness that guarantees you instant recognisability.

A close partnership with our client is crucial to the success of our approach. How could we dress you up without your measurements? Your brand identity is the heart of your company; it must be original and authentic.

We keep your interests, your desires and your values in mind; it is what makes it possible for us to create a brand identity that is always faithful to your ideas and in which you, your clients and even your mom will instantly recognize you.

Advertising design

IDÉEALISTE; to create a powerful message, translate it into images and words then set the stage in a memorable way. Our goal is simple: draw a target audience’s attention of to your products, services and business. We aim to produce custom communication, adapted to each sector of activity and type of organisational structure, no matter the medium.

We are overflowing with ideas, a fact that promises many tempting choices for you. We love to take up daunting challenges, with all the simplicity that defines us. We juggle with words, with images and with messages in order to give the best possible performance, all in your name!

We love to create, to reinvent, we are people of ideas. IDÉEALISTE commits to taking you through the creation of an advertising campaign that is a perfect match for your image. Your public is everywhere, and IDÉEALISTE calls it out for you!

Event services

IDÉEALISTE imagines, plans and manages events that will resonate with your clients. Our goal is simple: transform an ordinary day into a festive, creative and rallying event in your image. Our knowledge of the public space in combination with our unique know-how guarantees the theme, production and logistics support that will make your project into an absolute success.

The IDÉEALISTEagency sets itself apart by its capacity to intervene on an event’s every visual support: from thematic identity to signposting, from the invitation card to event photography, from the kids’ workshop to media publishing, from the giant banner to the event’s decoration... We are creators; we will think up, manage and anticipate the impossible. Celebrate with us.

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